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    1. Ecografe veterinare ALB/NEGRU si GRI

    Veterinary Ultrasound - SIUI CTS-900

    CTS-9000 Specifications Portable Linear/Convex Ultrasound imaging System.
    Laptop design - 10.4-inch high-resolution LCD monitor - 6 TGC controls - Touch pad - High-quality images - Broadband multi-frequency probes - Rechargeable Li-ion battery - AC adapter - Cine-loop - 2 USB ports - Image communication via RS-232C
    Power supply adapter 1 Car Charger Convex probe
Optional Probes:
    • Linear Probe • Micro-convex Probe • Vaginal probe • Rectal Probe

Veterinary Ultrasound Q3 VET

Ecograf Q3 VET Specifications
    Q3vet Portable Veterinary Ultrasound TUV CE 15' LCD & Touchscreen Only 3kg, very easy to use and clean 3 probe Technical Specification B&W mode: B,M, 2B,B/M,4B Gray scale: 256 Display: 15”LCD monitor Touchscreen: Full Touchscreen Transducer frequency: 2-11 MHz Digital technology: Wide-angle imaging, panoramic focusing technology, Rolling M technology Scanning depth: 220mm
Imaging Processing
    Pre-processing: Cloud processing technology,8-segment TGC, Gain (B&W),Dynamic range, Persistence, M Soften, Noise suppression Post-processing: Image enhancement, Gray Map, Colorize Map, Tissue Specific Imaging, Left/right reverse Up/down reverse
    Cine-loop: 334 frame cine loop memory Zoom: Pan Zoom for the active image THI: Tissue Harmonic Imaging Opt: One-key Optimize DICOM: DICOM3.0 Print: Report print for text & graph & image
Measurement & Calculations
    B mode: Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length, distance ratio Mode: Distance, time, slope, Heart Rate Software packages: Abdomen, OB (Cat, Dog, Horse, Bovine, Sheep), Gynecology, Cardiac, Small Parts
    Transducer connector: 3 active transducer connector ports Peripheral ports: Video,2 USB ports,1 networking port,1 power inlet Power supply: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz <100VA Dimensions (main unit): 358mm (W)*366mm (L)*65mm (H) Packing Dimensions: 415mm (W)*435mm (L)*140mm (H) Net weight: About 3.0kg Gross weight: About 4.5 kg

Ultrasound CHISON ECO3 VET

Chisor ECO3 VET System Description:
    The Chison ECO3VET is the best in class B&W portable ultrasound system available. This system is excellent for small animal and equine scanning. The Chison ECO 3 VET produces high resolution grayscale images, is 30% lighter, with 30% longer battery life than competitors, and is the only system to feature a high resolution LED monitor for imaging under direct sunlight. The ECO3VET is now the most powerful, user friendly B&W portable ultrasound system in it's class. The user interface and sophisticated software shorten exam times by keeping user inputs to a minimum, the patient management and transfer capabilities are simple to use and the image optimization features are designed to be modifiable on the fly. If you want the best B&W portable ultrasound system for the price, the Chison ECO3VET is a great system to consider. Application:
     Small & Large animal Abdominal  Small & Large animal Cardiac Screening  Small & Large animal Guided procedures Reproduction
    Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 6" - 14Lbs Features:
     12" adjustable LED Monitor  B-Mode  Dual B-Mode  Quad B-Mode  Duplex  M-Mode  Compound Imaging  Trapezoidal Imaging  Chroma Imaging  i-Image  Tissue Harmonics  Speckle Reduction  2 Active probe ports  Back Lit Keyboard  Quick adjust controls  EASYVIEW Image Archive System  Patient Information Management  Built-in professional reporting  Intelligent Zoom
     Ethernet  S-Video  Video Out  VGA Out  3 USB ports
     320GB Hard Drive  DICOM 3.0  Water Resistant keyboard cover  Carry Case  Footswtich  Printer  Chison Trolley TR-8000  Biospy Guides: C3-A, L7M-a, V6-A
     Chison C3-A convex probe 2-5 Mhz / 60mm - Medium / Large Animal Abdominal  Chison L7S-A linear probe, 5-13 Mhz / 40mm - Small Animal, Superficial imaging, Equine MSK  Chison MC3-A micro-convex probe, 2-5 Mhz / 30mm - Medium / Large animal Cardiac, abdominal  Chison Rectal probe, 5-10 Mhz / 40mm - Veterinary Rectal, Reproduction  Chison MC5V-A micro-convex probe, 4-7 Mhz / 20mm - Small / Medium animal Cardiac, Abdominal  Chison P3 -A phase probe, 2-5 Mhz Large animal Cardiac, Abdominal

2. Ecografe veterinare COLOR

G30 Vet

    Delicate Portable Veterinary Ultrasound System, Exquisite Image Quality.
    ● 15” High-resolution LCD monitor with less than 5kg weight, our G30 Vet portable veterinary diagnostic ultrasound system serves to become doctors’ right hand device whenever,at any place.
    ● eSpeed for Image Optimization. ● eSCI Spatial Compound Imaging. ● eFCI Frequency Compound Imaging MBP Imaging. ● THI Tissue Harmonic Imaging and TSI Tissue Specific Imaging.
    ● Built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery allows G30 Vet to perform excellent diagnosis about 3 hours, maximizing doctor’s efficiency in out-door or space limiting environment. ● The frequently used keys are arranged in Palm sized layout, assuring a total saving on time. ● Full software package covers Urology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, OB/GYN to Vascular and More.

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