EKG Electrocardiografe Veterinare

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    EKG - Electrocardiografe Veterinare

    1. Ecografe veterinare cu 3 canale

    EKG 3303B cu 3 canale
  • Working modes: Manual, Auto, Examination, Storage Modes
  • Accurate pacing pulse identification, automatic analysis function
  • Freezing function - can reply 12 seconds cardiograph before or after
  • 12 leads waveform review and 250 patient information storage( SD card is expandable)
  • USB/RS232 interface, ECG software is optional
  • ECGENT software optional
  • High resolution thermal printing
  • Can be connected to Network, USB Disk, Printer and Code Scanner (Optional)
  • Detalii complete

1. Ecografe veterinare cu 6 canale

EKG-3303G este un electrocardiograf pentru veterinari EKG 3306G cu 6 canale
  • Accurate pacing pulse identification and automatic analysis function.
  • Standard 12 Leads
  • 7", 800×480 graphic 7 inch touching screen
  • 4 working modes: Manual / Auto / Physical Examination / Storage
  • 112mm, 6 channel format recording
  • Built-in USB, RS232 interface , EXGNET software optional
  • Advanced [Freeze] function
  • USB interface allows net transfer, USB flash disk and USB printer connected
  • Detalii complete

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