Electrochirurgie Veterinara

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  • Instrument electrochirurgie HV-300
  • 5 moduri de operare: ① pure cut ② blend Cut ③ fulgurate coag ④ spray coag ⑤bipolar coag
  • Standard bipolar mode
  • Two cut models offer surgeons a variety of choices
  • Two coag modes
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  • Instrument electrochirurgie HV-300A
  • 8 moduri de operare: pure cut, blend 1, blend 2, blend 3, fulgurate coag, spray coag, biopolar cut, bipolar coag
  • HV argon coagulation system
  • Applicable for general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urologic surgery, cerebral surgery, microsurgery, ENT surgery and etc.
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  • Instrument electrochirurgie HV-300E
  • 4 moduri de operare: pure cut, blend Cut, point coag, bipolar coag
  • Output frequency:512 KHz
  • 12 kg
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  • Instrument electrochirurgie HV-300A LCD TOUCH SCREEN
  • 4 moduri de operare: pure cut, fulgurate cut, spray cut, bipolar cut and bipolar coagulation features
  • Afisaj LCD
  • Afisaj tactil
  • Two pencils work simultaneously for monopolar coagulation
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  • Instrument electrochirurgie HV-400
  • For Monopolar: Ten cut modes and Four coagulation modes
  • For Bipolar:Two cut modes and Two coagulation modes
  • Time-Control system for the bipolar coagulation
  • REM warning system
  • Compatible with Under water cut socket, Endo cut, HV argon coagulation system and Smoke Evacuator.
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